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Electric Dog Fence Collar

Training your dog never got any easier

When you want to give your dog some extra freedom of movement and at the same time keep it pet safe, an electric dog fence collar is the answer.  Discover in this article the actual methods you can use to keep your dog safe with the latest wireless electric dog fence technology.

Using the latest technology in the wireless gadgets, wireless electric dog fences are designed to get great results when it comes to the freedom and safety of your dog. And this is achieved with minimal spending, effort and impact on your property. Classical electric dog fence collars are made of a radio signal controlled boundary that is meant to keep your pet contained within the limits of the property without the interaction of physical aspects. An electric dog fence collar several limitations, and with this article you will learn more about these systems.

How it works: Both the wireless electric dog fence collar and the controller have a transceiver chip installed, which sends and receives radio signals from a special designed antenna. This is similar to a two way radio. When sent, the signals from the antenna of one of these two components, they create somehow of a spherical circuit. This helps the device capture exact data on the distance to your dog. Whenever the electric dog fence collar passes the defined area, the controller of the system automatically sends a command to the collar, to correct the situation created. Based on the settings defined by the owner this can be static or toned. The correction is not a constant process, but a repetitive impulse. The electric dog fence collar will correct your dog until he will get out of the restricted area. Also, the devices will make specific noises if it finds any problems in the system, such as fence component or software problems.

More, the systems offer quite useful characteristics. For example, the electric dog fence collar can be equipped with an alarm. This means that you will be warned when your dog has reached the limit of an avoided area. Also, a battery monitoring system is available. The technology has a movement sensor integrated. This means that when your pet is not moving, the system goes to an offline mode. Nowadays, due to technology development, these systems get more and more advanced. Waterproof and light materials are used and these make the collars very comfortable, almost unnoticeable to your dog.