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In Ground Electric Dog Fence

Electric fence – not a controversial idea any more

The idea of ​​fences or in ground electric dog fence occurred in the early ’70s. This restriction of area access gradually replaced the traditional dog fencing system.

A Wireless electric dog fence raised side effects, some people considering it an unusual and harmful to animals system. In ground Electric dog fence consists of three components:

–  Sender: must be mounted in a dry area and is either standard or deluxe. The transmitter sends a radio signal received by the collar that shall provide a warning and correction message. The deluxe transmitter can send a warning, a warning and corrective or just a corrective message. Correction is obtained either by a static electric pulse or in some cases by removing a spray of citronella (used to ward off mosquitoes);

–          Electric wire: buried in the ground. It can be used to ensure certain areas of the garden, and by simply crossing them you eliminate the electric impulse. Thus, the area becomes available to the dog.
In ground electric dog fence collar: the dog wears a collar that is attached to a waterproof radio. It shall send different signals depending on the type of the transmitter the dog wears.

Advantages of an in ground electric dog fence system:

– The dog is protected by cars, it can not get lost, can not have altercations with other dogs and can ingest toxic items;
– Can not attack others;
– the in ground electric dog fence is much easier to maintain than the traditional one, as it can not be affected by weather conditions;
– There is no fear of leaving the door open or fear that your pet could jump the fence since the wireless electric dog fence receives a boost when approaching the limits set by the master;
– Electric fence is more aesthetic than the traditional one as although they both protect certain areas of the garden, this one is not visible.


– The dog requires special training. When it comes to in ground electric dog fence, it has been proved that using such a system without training your dog is not indicated.
– While this is for your dog protection by preventing him from leaving the perimeter surrounded, foreign dogs or strangers can come easily;
– Some breeds of dogs may come to ignore the shock passed, leaving such area;
– The fence does not work for puppies less than 6 months (they have a poor understanding of controls);