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Electric Dog Fences

Safe and reliable solutions for your dog problem

We all had problems when having a dog in our yard. No matter what special training they get, they always find ways to get into areas they should not, and cause certain problems. Well, wireless electric dog fences come as a reliable solution to this issue. Based on the fact that you have already found information about the necessity of electric dog fences and already decided to purchase one, in this article, I will provide some valuable information on how to install one at your home. An important aspect is that, with the purchase of an electric dog fence, a sketch of the territory where we want to mount the system can be of real help. With such a sketch available we can establish both the place the transmitter will be mounted and the copper cable length necessary to delimit the territory you want to be avoided by your pet.

In case of outdoor electric dog fences the transmitter must be installed near a power source. Also it has to be protected from moisture, so it is preferably to be installed inside. About the copper cable know that:

–          it starts from the transmitter

–          regardless of size and number of places designated area, may be buried or left on the surface;

–          must form a continuous loop (closed circuit);

–          radio signals are transmitted from the transmitter

–          If twisted it cancels radio signals of the wireless electric dog fences

–          It returns to the transmitter.

The receiver:

–          must be chosen according to the size, fur and dog behavior;

–          must be mounted on a collar and it comes with an adjustable collar placed near the dog’s classic collar

–          It works with 3/3.6 V battery with a lifespan of 6/24 months.

The training leash of the electric dog fences is very important. After installation, the dog should be trained. This process brings into his attention about the existence of safety and avoided areas. When installing wireless electric dog fences you can choose between the following options. First you can follow the installation instructions in the manual. If this is not an option for you, electric dog fences can be installed with assistance by phone. And the last one is the installation assistance with travel to the property offered by qualified people from the site you purchased the wireless electric dog fences. But the first installation step is to receive details on the property where you will install the system (the places you want to be fenced) as well as information on race, age and number of pets.